Money Trans e-Remit

Provides instant credit for remittances to State Bank of India and credit within hours to accounts with other Banks.

  1. Rupee Remittance to India – SBI FLASH- Immediate credit to accounts with SBI
  2.  Rupee Remittance to India – CITEX FLASH- Immediate credit to major Bank accounts in India
  3.  Remittance facility to India for payment requirement towards education and property purchase
  4.  Remittance facility to India for family maintenance, medical treatment and travel purpose
  5.  Remittance facility to/from Kuwait through Kuwait India Internation Exchange Company WLL, Kuwait
  6.  Remittance facility to/from Oman through Mustafa Sultan Exchange Co LLC, Oman
  7.  Western Union /Instant cash/ Transfast – The instantaneous worldwide money transfer through Western Union / Instant Cash/ Transfast payout locations all over the world.

Wages Protection System (WPS)

Being one among the leading service providers of Wages Protection System (WPS) introduced by Central Bank of UAE, quick and active services are provided to our customers.

  1.  Same day salary processing is our specialty
  2.  High standards in the processing of salary in terms of prompt and accurate payments and compliance to the UAE regulations in this regard are our hallmark.
  3.  To enhance the value in WPS system, International ATM cards have been introduced, which can be used in ATMs and PoS machines. This helps the wage earners, who are facing difficulty in opening and maintaining bank accounts, to a large extent.

Exchange of Currencies

We undertake exchange of all major currencies at very competitive rates.

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